Theses were made on PTSAI, back in 2010. Nowadays, I cant seems to be happy with any of my paintings, so these are pretty rare.

I never did the fire version, so don’t ask for it. (Sorry! ;o;)

The grass version’s background is based on a friend area from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon called Mushroom Forest.

All of my paintings in that moment of time was inspired by the magnificent PurpleKecleon!

The false self develops to protect the dehumanized person whose heart and soul have been annihilated through trauma. To do this the false self grows up too fast and becomes precociously adapted to the outer world (Winnicott, 1960) in order to resist any unguarded spontaneous expressions of authentic self in the world. The chameleon-like nature of the false self enables the survivor to be whatever the abuser wants it to be. Most commonly this is manifest in fierce independence, self-sufficiency, invulnerability, and pseudomaturity. This false self often presents as a solid exterior which appears calm, contained, secure, and functional but is actually a veneer for the fragile, labile, insecure, helpless and developmentally immature true self.
Christiane Sanderson, Introduction to Counselling Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma (via disabledbyculture)